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Nicola Elliott was at the time working at Glamour when she started to blend essential oils. Although she really enjoyed her job she was pretty stressed due to the amount of hours spent at the office. After developing a fragrance she later called Tranquility™, she established Neom Organics with business partner, Oliver Mennell in 2005. Earlier this year the brand, which formulates naturally-delivered products focused on relieving tension, energy lifting, calm and relax, launched two treatment rooms in its store in Wimbledon (38a High Street, SW19 5BY).

Even though, as a journalist, Ms Elliott was already familiarised with the beauty and wellness industries she retrained as an aromatherapist while at Glamour. At Neom Organics, she set up an online magazine called Wellbeing and a board composed of a team of 11 specialists in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, which is an ancient Buddhist practice. It’s worth mentioning that this same board has masterminded the four treatments now available at the brand’s day-spa and its Science of Scent Therapy test.

Neom Organics currently has five ranges – Scent to Sleep, Scent to Boost Your Energy, Scent to Instantly De-Stress™, Scent to Calm & Relax and Scent to Make You Happy™ –, and each range include at least a different sized scented candle, diffuser and room spray & pillow mist. Every single product is manufacted in accordance with the previously mentioned wellbeing needs, and they do not contain petrocheminals, synthetic fragrances or harsh preservatives.

In September 2014, Neom Organics launched two limited edition scented candles with designer Jenny Packham – its packaging is exquisitely adorned with 18 carat gold. The Jenny Packham for Neom Happiness™ Candle contains neroli, mimosa, lemon and fresh grass, whereas the Jenny Packham for Neom Real Luxury™ Candle is a blend of 21 essential oils, including jasmine, French lavender and Brazilian rosewood among them. Despite us not having tested this collaboration, here at here at Morning Beauty we deeply enjoy the brand’s Tranquility™ Scented Candle and Bath Foam.

Neom Organics is available via its e-commerce and at Fenwick, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, John Lewis, Lane Crawford and Heal’s.

  • Tranquility™ Scented Candle ©Neom OrganicsTranquility™ Scented Candle ©Neom Organics
  • Tranquility™ Intensive Skin Treatment Candle ©Neom OrganicsTranquility™ Intensive Skin Treatment Candle ©Neom Organics
  • Tranquility™ Reed Diffuser ©Neom OrganicsTranquility™ Reed Diffuser ©Neom Organics
  • Tranquility™ 3 Step Sleep Programme ©Neom OrganicsTranquility™ 3 Step Sleep Programme ©Neom Organics
  • Essential Energy Boosting Kit ©Neom OrganicsEssential Energy Boosting Kit ©Neom Organics
  • Real Luxury Body Scrub ©Neom OrganicsReal Luxury Body Scrub ©Neom Organics
  • Jenny Packham for Neom Happiness™ Candle ©Neom OrganicsJenny Packham for Neom Happiness™ Candle ©Neom Organics
  • Jenny Packham for Neom Real Luxury™ Candle ©Neom OrganicsJenny Packham for Neom Real Luxury™ Candle ©Neom Organics