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My last Friday evening was heavenly, I would say. I visited Lush‘s spa, in Kings Road, where I had the Validation Facial. Apart from the initial delay, everything went very well after my therapist, Camilla, introduce me to Lush’s skincare products in a private consultation, in which she helped me to select the ideal ingredients to use on my thirsty skin. The treatment, I was told, was designed to make us feel and look better – inside and out – and boost our confidence.

Then, with all the products already selected, I went to to the cozy treatment room downstairs – the proper spa is below Lush’s Kings Road store –, and laid down, very comfortably. The products, is worth mentioning, are all placed on a round slate, which reminded me of a painter’s palette. Camilla started my Validation Facial gently cleansing my face with the Ultrabland, a cleansing cream made with almond oil, beeswax, honey and rose water. It was then followed by a lip scrub, named Popcorn, and a toner that combines citric acid, tea trea oil and aloe vera powder, called Tea Tree Toner Tab.

Once my makeup was completely removed, I received a pleasant exfoliation with Herbalism, a product which is supposed to balance the skin and finish its cleansing, and mixes rosemary and rice vinegar, gardenia extract, sage and chamomile essential oils. Then Camilla applied a solid facial serum bar, Full of Grace, made with fresh Portobello mushrooms, almond and chamomile oils, Murumuru and Cupuaçu butters, both found in the Amazonian forest. It was the first time I tried a solid facial serum, so probably many people never heard of a similar product, which should be melted onto fingertips and glided across the face.

But probably the best part of the treatment was after I had the face mask – I chose The Sacred Truth mask, made with wheatgrass, shea butter, ylang ylang and lavender oils, and fresh papaya. During the 10 minutes the mask should be working, I got a lovely and relaxing massage on the neck, arms and hands. Once the mask was removed, Camilla applied Lush’s Enchanted Eye Cream that has jojoba oil, cold pressed almond oil, stearic acid, and lavender honey water in its composition.

My Validation Facial was finished with a generous layer of facial moisturiser. As my skin was quite tired and lusterless, I picked out the moisturiser by its name, Gorgeous. Luckily it was pretty good and manufactured with organic avocado oil, extra virgin olive and coconut oils, and fresh orange and pineapple juices. Completed the treatment, Camilla squeezed an orange and mixed its juice with the water that was in a jar full of fruits, such as strawberries and blueberries, and gave me to drink.

I left the Lush spa feeling much more hydrated, and with brighter skin. Of course, I brought home a solid facial serum bar as I couldn’t resist trying it again. The Validation Facial is £75 and it’s also available in Lush’s spas in Kingston, Poole, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

  • Lush spa in Kings Road, London ©LushLush spa in Kings Road, London ©Lush
  • Lush's Validation Facial slate ©LushLush's Validation Facial slate ©Lush
  • Lush spa in Kings Road, London ©LushLush spa in Kings Road, London ©Lush
  • Lush spa in Kings Road, London ©LushLush spa in Kings Road, London ©Lush
  • Lush spa in Kings Road, London ©LushLush spa in Kings Road, London ©Lush