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Approximately 90% of women get cellulite, which occurs when subcutaneous fat pressures the connective tissue causing marks, usually in the abdomen, bottom and thighs. Even without a permanent fix, there are already excellent treatments available, such as the Anti-Cellulite Hip & Thigh from the ESPA Life at Corinthia that I recently tried. The treatment, also applied in the tummy, aims to reduce fluid retention, uneven skin texture as well as the appearance of the tiny but unpleasant dimples by using essential oils, marine extracts, seaweed and salt scrub, and plenty of massage.

Before detailing the treatment, nevertheless, I should mention that the ESPA’s spa, as well as Corinthia London itself, is dazzling, amazingly decorated and very well-located, close to Charing Cross. Apart from 17 treatment rooms, the spa, which is completely covered in black and white marbles, has also a nail studio, a sauna, two swimming pools, private sleep pods, a 24/7 gym, a café and even an ice fountain. In the same floor, by the way, there is also a Daniel Galvin Hair Salon. Back to the Anti-Cellulite Hip & Thigh treatment, though, my therapist started exfoliating almost my whole body with cold mitts and a brush, what is supposed to stimulate the circulation. In the beginning it was quite uncomfortable, but then I got used to it and even enjoyed.

Afterwards my therapist used a detoxifying body and bath oil, which was followed by a massage focused on specific areas, such as the back and the front of my thighs and abdomen. The massage helps with fluid retention as it emulates a fluid drainage; it also let the skin quite smoother pretty quickly. Then she massaged my feet for stimulating my pressure points and, subsequently, and put the famous ESPA’s Pink Hair & Scalp Mud mask in all my hair. The treatment, that lasted over 60 minutes, finalised when she applied a nice layer of body moisturiser.

I left ESPA Life at Corinthia very relaxed, with my hair smelling indeed very well and feeling my skin much more firm and smoother. Unfortunately, it is recommended a course of six sessions so the treatment can show long-lasting effects but, if the intention is to have an indulging morning or afternoon, the Anti-Cellulite Hip & Thigh (£110) is really worthy.

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