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Whether you use Instagram or Snapchat to post selfies or not, NIOD’s Photography Fluid is definitely for you. Thanks to nano-prismatic and photo-finishing technologies, as well as colour correctors that evens out red and yellow tones, it lightens the skin, increases its radiance and blurs enlarged pores, blemishes and visible lines. A few drops, blended with your moisturiser, tinted moisturiser or foundation, provide a golden hue that refract light in several different directions, which bewilders the eyes and camera lens.

Yet dubbed the “selfie serum”, the Photography Fluid is perfectly suitable for your daily use as it can easily be applied under or mixed with any other products. Even though NIOD claims it also works alone or instead of a foundation, we should say it clearly fits best when blended. Pearlescent-coloured and utterly lightweight, it boasts a texture is really similar to the one of a serum, plus it is almost odourless. Furthermore, it is oil-free, meaning it is great for those with combination and oily skin types, although it fits dry skin as well as it is quickly absorbed.

Complexion looks luminous, therefore you feel much more confident. NIOD’s Photography Fluid covers skin as a veil and the bright it leaves behind lasts throughout the day with need for touch up. Still, it does not replace your moisturiser or sunscreen, but it is indeed an amazing addition to your makeup kit. Having said that, its formula contains titanium dioxide, sodium hyaluronate, dimethicone, citric acid, urea, dragon fruit and midway pear moss extracts.

The Photography Fluid is available at NIOD’s website, Look Fantastic and Victoria Health. Apparently, it was already sold out three times in the latter, yet it surprisingly costs £20, which is quite below the average if we consider that its quality is outstanding and that by using it you will save money and time in image editing apps.

It is worth mentioning that NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science) belongs to DECIEM, the Canadian brand founded by Brandon Truaxe and that also owns Hylamide, Fountain and HIF (Hair is Fabric).