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A beautifully blended, yet holistically envisioned product might be just what you need, regardless of your beliefs. For instance, KITA‘s Moisturising Serum Complex was developed in accordance with the five elements philosophy, which hails from China. It is also an effective multi-tasker that deeply hydrates, increases skin’s firmness and boosts its cellular renewal. Furthermore, it also works utterly well as a primer under makeup.

That being said, the Moisturising Serum Complex took three years to be completely formulated, and it is actually a range of five tailored products. Each is inspired by an element – Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood –, and enriched with gemstones and a base blend, among other high quality ingredients, such as black oat, baobab oil, blue malachite and red algae.

Even though the products are suitable for all skin types, KITA claims that the aimed results are achieved when using the element that fits best your personality. In its website, the brand offers a tool that helps to disclose your appropriate element, which is surprisingly amusing. Most importantly, the Moisturising Serum Complex feels like a moisturiser, yet it delivers the active ingredients of a serum.

“It started from my personal life; my parents are both doctors, and they always combined the natural and holistic with the scientific way of healing people”, Chiara Vania, KITA’s founder, exclusively told us last week. “I grew up with this idea and understanding that achieving balance can give us a higher quality of life and wellbeing”, she added, before pointing out that her family comes from Italy, although she currently resides in London.

Vania also explained to us: “If you are rebalanced, aligned with what your dominant element is you end up feeling good but looking good as well”. And that is why, for rebalancing, each product is infused with a different gemstone: Fire contains ruby; Water has sapphire; Wood comes with jade; Metal, with moonstone; and Earth, with topaz. Furthermore, the previously mentioned base blend features platinum, which improves skin’s elasticity; matrikines, a peptide that promotes tissue repair; red algae for deep hydration; poet’s narcissus, which helps reduce blemishes and brightens the skin; and anti-oxidant rich bluebird hibiscus.

KITA’s Moisturising Serum Complex is available for £155. Vania revealed that she is already working on new product launches early next year and that the brand will soon be introduced in a luxury department store in Oxford Street.

  • KITA's Moisturising Serum Complex in Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth ©KITAKITA's Moisturising Serum Complex in Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth ©KITA
  • KITA's Moisturising Serum Complex in Water, Metal, Earth, Wood and Fire ©KITAKITA's Moisturising Serum Complex in Water, Metal, Earth, Wood and Fire ©KITA