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The newly launched Custom Cover Drops, by Canadian brand Cover FX, is a highly concentrated foundation that can be mixed with any liquid or creamy product, such as moisturisers, primers, oils, sunscreens or serums. It’s a really effortless way to customise your makeup’s coverage as it may vary according to how many drops you used — a drop for sheer coverage, two drops for medium coverage, and three for full coverage.

Custom Cover Drops, which is available in 25 shades, is formulated with Flash Fusion™ technology and Lecithin, a yellow-brownish fatty substance that is biochemically similar to the skin and that occurs in animal and plant tissues. Although it may seem too good to be true, the Cover FX’s new launch is truly a game changer; it leaves the skin looking flawless and with a lovely matte, yet dewy finish – always apply it mixed with another product though as if used by itself it’ll dry and wrinkle.

As it comes in a glass packaging with a dropper lid, Custom Cover Drops is very easy to apply and it just gets messy if you spill it. Its 25 shades are divided in three categories: P is for pink undertones, N is for beige undertones and W is for those with golden undertones. Despite its formula containing alcohol and sunflower seed wax (a comedogenic ingredient), the amount of product used is so low that an allergic reaction is improbable, at least for most.

In the UK and Ireland, Custom Cover Drops (15ml) is available at Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser for £36. In Europe and the US, the product is sold at Sephora.

  • Custom Cover Drops, available in 25 shades ©Cover FXCustom Cover Drops, available in 25 shades ©Cover FX
  • Custom Cover Drops, available in 25 shades ©Cover FXCustom Cover Drops, available in 25 shades ©Cover FX